Resources For Teen Health Education

Safe Teens

Accidents happen. No birth control method is 100% effective, although many come close.

Society For Adolescent Health and Medicine

Health Resources for Adolescents and Young Adults are online resources aimed specifically at adolescents and young adults.

Stanford Children's Health

Stanford Children’s Health is the only health care system in the San Francisco Bay Area—and one of the few in the country—exclusively dedicated to pediatric and obstetric care.

Project For Teens

Project for Teens (P4T) mission is to encourage healthy and responsible decision making by youth through peer to peer education. P4T seeks to foster a sense of connection between middle school and high school students and reinforces the notion that it is okay to say no to sexual activity. It provides students with information and skills to prepare them for responding responsibly should they find themselves faced with an at-risk situation.

National Safe Place

Safe Place is a national youth outreach and prevention program for young people under the age of 18 (up to 21 years of age in some communities) in need of immediate help and safety. As a collaborative community prevention initiative, Safe Place designates businesses and organizations as Safe Place locations, making help readily available to youth in communities across the country. Safe Place locations include: libraries, YMCAs, fire stations, public buses, various businesses, and social service facilities.

Teen Health Source

Talking about safer sex can be tricky no matter who you are. However, in order to reduce your risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and/or having an unplanned pregnancy, practicing safer sex is important. Don’t rely on your partner(s) to tell you that they have an STI or to use birth control. Everyone is responsible for their own sexual health.